The Secret Behind The Couples


On his third day in the United States, Bellete Tessema visited the World Trade Center at the tip of Manhattan. It was 1990, and Tessema, a newcomer from Ethiopia, looked up at the brilliant Twin Towers and thought, "anything is possible." 


In the thirty years since, he's endured misfortune, disillusionment, win. He's experienced passionate feelings for and wedded, changed profession ways, earned a degree from George Washington University, and, most as of late, opened an eatery in a pandemic. What's more, yet, he hasn't lost his bright standpoint. 


Tucked inside a rambling mechanical park in Stone Mountain, Tigi's Cafe and Food Truck appeared in May. A reading material mother and-pop, named for Tessema's better half, Tigist Emeru (Tigi for short), the takeout-just, counter-administration eatery is a veritable family issue.

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