The Case Of General Seare Mekonnen


Substantial precipitation in Gambella Town has prompted the flood of Baro River, flooding zones along the stream bed. Substantial rains and flooding are regular during the major stormy season (July-August), yet it's anything but a typical event during the long stretches of September and October. 


The flood was purportedly increasingly serious contrasted with earlier years. The Gambella Region Disaster Prevention, Preparedness, and Food Security Agency, in a joint effort with worldwide accomplices, led an appraisal on 3 October to recognize philanthropic needs. 


As indicated by the evaluation group, in any event, 353 family units (1,405 individuals) were uprooted crosswise over five kebeles, and their homes were completely overflowed, and their jobs annihilated. The Gambella Town Administration mentioned the help of accomplices, to give two-months nourishment proportions and non-nourishment things for the dislodged individuals, just as for the feasible recovery of the influenced populace. 


Overwhelming downpours in parts of the Somali area and neighboring good countries caused flooding in Kalafo, Mustahil and Bercano woredas (Shabelle zone); Dolo Ado woreda in Liban zone and Cherati woreda in Afder zone. Blaze floods likewise happened in Babile(Fafanzone) and Elweyne (Nogob zone). Primer reports demonstrate that 2,285 families (13,710 individuals) were influenced and 853 families uprooted. Most of the dislodged (800 families) are in Dolo Ado Town, while the staying 53 family units are in Cherati Town.