Breaking warning sent to Tigay region


The Chairman additionally affirmed that the standing advisory group had educated the arranged gathering alongside plans and explicit inquiries that require explanations and responses from the mediators to House Speaker, Tagesse Chaffo. The House Speaker, in his part, had endorsed it to proceed, before the Coronavirus episode constrained the standing board of trustees to drop the gathering. 


Furthermore, the flare-up has additionally precluded the parliament to hold another significant extra-normal gathering, which had been intended to be held by the Trade and Industry Affairs Standing Committee. 


The gathering was said to take a gander at the current market swelling and flooding costs on customer merchandise, purportedly exacerbated by insatiable specialists who have depended on exploiting the spread of the infection. In any case, the gathering has been dropped, as the rule forced by the administration precludes social occasions. 


Past the cancelation of gatherings, the measure has additionally forestalled a group of MPs headed by Tagesse Chaffo, from venturing out to Guba to visit the GERD.

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