Who is Obsa Abdisa?


Everything began in 2002 when Turkensteen visited Ethiopia looking for open doors for S&C as an organization. He would introduce himself as an organization proprietor keen on making an association on teff inquire about that would yield common advantages for both Ethiopian ranchers and Dutch analysts at a college. 


This isn't totally false as per the report, S&C had, in fact, reached an accord with Larenstein University in the Netherlands and had given Turkensteen their approval preceding his flight for Ethiopia. The Larenstein University of Applied Sciences had an enthusiasm for investigating potential advantages of teff cultivating and concurred on a fundamental level to working nearby S&C with sights set on improving their comprehension of what has been marked the "super grain." But precisely how was S&C ready to pick up the support of a regarded Dutch scholastic foundation? 


Dr. Jan Vos, who worked at the University's Center for Crop Systems Analysis in Wageningen clarified how they were urged into concurring on a fundamental level to cooperation with S&C. 


In a meeting with Addis Standard, the now-resigned Dr. Vos repeats that there was no such discuss a patent when S&C drew nearer Larenstein University. An incredible inverse actually. 


"Turkensteen guaranteed there was additionally something in it for Ethiopia," Dr. Vos who resigned in 2013 revealed to Addis Standard in an email. "There would have been a reserve to back exercises with teff and Ethiopia and by Ethiopians." 


Dr. Vos said that the expansion of another harvest would be invited by ranchers and improve what he calls crop turn. "Longer pivots contribute when all is said in done, to a more advantageous editing framework since soil-borne vermin and ailments develop at a more slow rate or don't happen by any stretch of the imagination," he clarified

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