Feta Daily News May 27, 2020


Ethiopia's Minister of Foreign Affairs, Gedu Andargachew, at the beginning of today got David Beasley, Executive Director of World Food Program (WFP). The two talked about how to participate to stop the spread of the coronavirus just as forestall desert grasshopper and floods calamities in the locale. 


They further traded sees on the development of the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD), as per the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Lauding WFP's assistance toward the east African country, Gedu said Ethiopia will fortify its collaboration with the association. 


He further informed him about on-going measures by the legislature to control COVID-19 pandemic from spreading and harms brought about by grasshopper and glimmer floods in Ethiopia and neighboring nations. The Horn of Africa locale needs assistance from the global network now like never before, he stated, further mentioning WFP to fortify its on-going help. 


The Ethiopian Foreign Minister likewise advised Beasley on the advancement of the GERD venture and the dealings held so far between Ethiopia, Sudan, and Egypt. Gedu said likewise underscored the significance of help from the worldwide network for the three nations to determine their disparities through discourse.

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