The individual who edits photo for bad purpose has been arrested


Advertising and Media Communication Director at the Office, Hailu Abraham told ENA, the workplace is attempting to additionally extend the different raising support stages to upgrade the public interest for the development of GERD. 


Gathering pledges stages through versatile SMS, bond buying, and monetary awards will proceed with an expanded arrive at both at home and abroad, he said. An uncommon tombola lottery will be likewise set up by the workplace as a major aspect of the current year's raising support crusade, he said. 


Other potential options in contrast to gathering pledges and public interest components will likewise be considered in the coming a long time so as to make sure about up to 2 billion Birr during the current spending year, the chief included. 


As per Hailu, "Security Purchase Week" will be sorted out during the year that includes all Ethiopians inside the nation 

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