What Was Jawar Mohammed Doing?


Ethiopia has affirmed the capture of driving restriction legislator Jawar Mohammed, a move that dangerous exciting ethnic strains that have prompted different passings in the Oromia locale this week. 


Jawar, a previous news head honcho who as of late joined the restriction Oromo Federalist Congress, was captured yesterday in Addis Ababa alongside 34 others, government police chief Endeshaw Tassew said in an announcement late on Tuesday. 


The capture came during a squabble with the security powers over the group of Hachalu Hundessa, a famous Oromo vocalist who was gunned down Monday night, commencing across the board dissents. 


Endeshaw said that as Hachalu's body was being shipped to his local town of Ambo for internment, Jawar and his supporters caught it and attempted to return it to Addis Ababa, where a conflict followed.

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