Top 10 Universities in Ethiopia


It is important to make a constitution and strategy changes to keep away from different emergencies and guarantee the Country holds together. A couple of days before the finish of Ethiopia's national race battle in May 2015, I attempted individual endeavors to give an unprejudiced record and examination over the general exchanges between enlisted ideological groups including EPRDF which was transmitted through Ethiopian TV in Amharic from Addis-Ababa.

At that point, I have graciously incorporated my assessment for the need to revise Ethiopia's Constitution in a wide-comprehensive way and in this manner change strategies over the accompanying three activating or very concerning issues: (1) "Managing Ethnic Federalism" (2) "Homestead Land Management" (3) "Center for structure cozy association with Eritrea". For progressively nitty gritty records of decision 2015, just as contemporary national and geopolitical issues, you may peruse my past article Ethiopia: Wishing Peaceful and Transparent Election for Policy Reforms" posted on since May 13, 2015.