Dr Abiy Ahmed on Gen. Asaminew Tsige


The kin of the late Asaminew Tsige, who isn't perceived by name, is missing and his whereabouts are not known to the family and he didn't go to his kin's internment administration in Lalibela, as showed by Mahlet Asaminew who tended to BBC Amharic. 


Burayu town police certified to BBC Amharic Service that Woizero Desta Assefa is in police care and that her catch is related to "upset" in Bahir Dar in the seat of Amhara nearby state on June 22. 


The town's head of security and association, Solomon Tadesse, said that she was caught according to the law and that she is caught as a significant part of the assessment concerning the alleged steamed as police hope to gather appropriate information, in perspective on BBC Amharic report. 


Mahlet, the young lady, uncovered to BBC Amharic that police took her mother from home which is arranged in the district of Ashewa Meda, Burayu town, as declared by BBC Amharic. 


Woizero Desta was caught on Thursday. She was first taken to a police base camp close Ashwamedha anyway Mahlet was educated that her mother isn't at the police base camp when she went to visit on Friday around the start of the day. Regardless, Burayu police ensure that Woizero Desta is still in Burayu police base camp. 


As the family was in Lalibela, the root of General Asaminew Tsige, for a dedication administration, police recently glanced through Brigadier General Asaminew Tsige's home in Burayu and clutched a vehicle, a PC, and additional confirmation, Mahlet Asaminew uncovered to BBC Amharic and police have attested.

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