The untold story of Jawar Mohamed


On the other front, Ethiopian experts and the broad communications everywhere were vigorously occupied with charging especially Egypt. Recorded correspondences of changing data including live realistic records were persistently shown to the Ethiopian open as confirmations saying Egypt is attacking by utilizing some diaspora components that added to impel the neighborhood viciousness and obliteration against interests of their own nation, Ethiopia. Media inclusion of Egyptian news in free for all and risk to the Grand Renaissance Dam (GDR) of Ethiopia which is under development with incredible open eagerness was likewise incorporated into those recorded data. Isaias Afeworki of Eritrea is every now and again marked as an intermediary by numerous Ethiopian experts and news sources.

Top specialists and their subordinates when all is said in done are as yet emphasizing the administration's inflexible stances in keeping the present constitution, ethnic federalism, and related strategies. For instance: In December 2016 four men of honor who were individuals from the 'Constitution Drafting Committee' showed up on the Ethiopian Broadcasting Corporation (EBC). They, by and large, their story with extraordinary fulfillment saying there were broad open commitment and cautious exchanges over the ideas of the Ethiopian Federal Constitution which came into power in December 1994.

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