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An Ethiopian American, Tesfa Gebru, a father of four has evidently vanished in Atlanta, US, with little signs to his whereabouts and flourishing. The 40-something-year-old has been missing since December ninth leaving his loved one, his four youths and the tight Ethiopian society in a difficult situation. 


His significant other as far as anyone knows called the police when her life partner, the father of a 12, 10, 6 and a 2-year-old, didn't get back exactly as expected after work, be that as it may, Atlanta Police held up 24 hours to definitively put him as a missing individual, kick-starting a push to find him. 


"Unfortunately, horrendous things now and again happen to a superb family we know close. Tesfu and Mekede are disapproving, loving, unassuming and an altruistic family who has achieved such a lot for the Church and the system. The family needs our help and beg the Lord to guarantee them, oversee them through these inconvenient events, and return our kin 


Tesfu home to his minding life partner and dearest kids," Samuel Wodajo created on a GoFundMe page with a goal of raising USD 15,000. Until press time, he has made sense of how to raise basically over USD 5,000. Tesfu has been an inhabitant in the US since 1999 and is a naturalized American occupant and was said to be the supplier of the family. 


As showed by media reports, "Police have set up that his charge card was used at a corner store on Monday, yet there was no video film in the administration station, and along these lines cloudy to berate on the opportunity that it was him or not." 


This isn't the primary gone through an Ethiopian who has been missing in Atlanta. In 2010, Negero Debero evaporated and was found days sometime later in the fences uncovered and with minimal sign in regards to what came upon him. Moreover, in 2015, three children similarly vanished while the gatekeepers empowered them to play outside and were later found safe in a neighbors unit.

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