Getachew Asaefa and Dr Abiy Ahmed


Some reasonable Ethiopians talk about congruity and deal with TPLF and its kin. They conferred upsetting about the threats the nation faces. I accept that to be naivety, an attack against the clarification behind Ethiopians, disregarding the revulsions, destructions, and anguish the nation and its local people experienced for a genuinely prolonged stretch of time. Truth be told, there is no peril in the nation right now, yet there is a longing not far off that TPLF and its empowering effects will be avoided. Ethiopians continued on through; obliterated from the towns they lived, ousted, killed and scoured their properties and lived on streets for a huge time length. These were the occasions Ethiopia was in an issue, the occasions were mentioning deal were major, not before long. What is in an inconvenient situation at present is TPLF and its hoodlums and that must be so. 


With all these related impelling talks in style from these couple of against Ethiopia, TPLF delegates, we come to understand that the TPLF packs are agreed to various rounds of various significant stretches of abusing Ethiopians and Ethiopia until they stand isolated unchallenged awesome minority, not to yield to any power that is climbing in Ethiopia. In perspective on that, TPLF is misdirecting Ethiopians through the significantly unstable situation giving a TPLF military takeover of political force, that Ethiopians will undoubtedly be directed by TPLF until the finish of time.

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