Abebe Gelaw on the educational background of PM Abiy Ahmed


The narratives and figures I happened to hear; the pictures (photographs and video) I happened to watch, the conversations I showed up were all featuring the unending emotional occurrences in the Mediterranean Sea, making it the 'ocean of death' as much as the 'ocean of life'. 


"The Mediterranean Sea was an ocean of life, not an ocean of death," Toto Marello, the Mayor of Lampedusa commented as he addressed the social occasion in one of the occasions. I saw both. A short stroll by the ocean in the island of Lampedusa would give you a brief look at mixing pictures of living individuals at the seashore appreciating; fishers looking for their day by day feast and sell; some simply cruising their pontoons for no particular reason and others on their bicycles riding by the ocean, and some more. 


Once more, a short talk with somebody would, then again, bring you accounts of situations of ruined travelers predominantly from Africa, which I could barely be anxious to hear. To my pain, it was accounted for almost 18,000 travelers who died attempting to cross the Mediterranean Sea between October 2013 and 2019. 


More than the figures, what left me in more profound sorrow was the Memorial introduction where we had a late evening gathering around 3 pm to accolade those suffocated in the obscurity blue ocean of the Mediterranean six years prior, and consequently articulate "Never Again", a platitude that is advanced over and over wherever a comparable emergency happens.

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