Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed Interview With Meaza Birru


which is supportive of sharing concerns and productive musings instead of troublesome ethnic lines. He stated: "There are around 6,500 communicated in dialects on the planet. In the event that the nation must be worked by the individuals who communicate in a similar language, we ought to have 6,500 nations at this point. In any case, there are just 195 nations to this date"…. "In the event that having a solitary language was a pre-essential to set up a country, Somalia would not have been a bombed state"… ."There are many 'free' Arab nations in the Middle East. On the off chance that the language, Arabic, was the bringing together control, We would have seen a 'Province of Arabs' instead of a nation called Saudi, Qatar, Yemen, Egypt… ..the fact of the matter is an incredible inverse". Jamal added. The EPRDF party congress and its subordinate organizations have authoritatively admitted to its mal-administration, for example, defilement and lease looking for practices. It has likewise conceded the need to make discretionary changes to oblige to the individuals who are not spoken to. I do acknowledge to the administration heads for conceding, at any rate, these lacks.

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