Memihir Taye Bogal About Being Ethiopian


The attestation was said to recognize been dealt with by Wolayita Scholars Association, the Elderly Association as physically fit as the Veterans Association extras an ambit of one and cut up kilometers, the disaster in Wolayita Sodo Stadium.

Trademarks of the authentication asserted for a resuscitated accomplishing of constrained statehood for Wolayita, which the zonal board accustomed totally and referenced the restricted managing for its execution.

Wolayita is one of the sliced up to twelve zonal associations that referenced restricted statehood from aural the Southern Nations Nationalities and Peoples Bounded State.

The statement also conveys letters requiring the feature of Wolayita to be balanced at the administration level, for the designing of plane terminals and motorized stops in the to be Wolayita zone, changes for Wolayitas who defied evacuating and killings in altered regions of the country and agreeing to happen upon aural the advancing upgrade in the country.

Not in the slightest degree like the endure affirmation in Wolayita Sodo boondocks which furious blood-soaked and ruinous; this one was tranquil and open establishments and associations trade to their adjusted exercises toward the night.

"As an issue continuing for the solicitations of the individuals of Wolayita, we took a task in the request and helped in its calm choice. We aswell characterized request and helped the open bear it," said Abebayehu Tora (Ph.D.), the head of maritime activities of the again formed Wolayita National Movement.

Abebayehu aswell incorporated that Wolayita is the buyer of the change system, by all account not the only one appropriation of it; and cases that the advancing improve in the country is notwithstanding the Wolayitas deliberately. He aswell accustomed the drill of restricted statehood and adumbrated that it is something they plot for.

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