The Situation With Isaias Afewerki


The Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia and the State of Eritrea hereinafter alluded to as the Two Parties;

Thinking about the nearby obligations of topography, history, culture, and religion between the two nations and their people groups;

Regarding each other's autonomy, power, and regional honesty;

Wanting to accomplish enduring harmony and bond their authentic connections to accomplish their grand destinations;

Resolved to build up far-reaching collaboration based on complementarity and cooperative energy;

Decided further to contribute effectively to local and worldwide harmony and security;

Reaffirming the Joint Declaration on Peace and Friendship that they marked on July 9, 2018, in Asmara;

Repeating their duty to the standards and motivations behind the Charter of the United Nations;

The Two Parties concur as pursues;-

Article One

The condition of war between the two nations has finished and another period of harmony, kinship and thorough collaboration has begun.

Article Two

The two nations will advance far-reaching participation in the political, security, protection, monetary, exchange, speculation, social and social fields based on complementarity and collaboration.

Article Three

The two nations will create Joint Investment Projects, including the foundation of Joint Special Economic Zones.

Article Four

The two nations will actualize the Eritrea-Ethiopia Boundary Commission choice.

Article Five

The two nations will advance provincial and worldwide harmony, security and participation.

Article Six

The two nations will battle psychological warfare just as dealing with individuals, arms, and medications as per global pledges and shows.

Article Seven

The two nations will set up a High-Level Joint Committee, just as Sub-panels as required, to manage and direct the execution of this Agreement.

This Agreement is made at Jeddah, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia on this day of September 16, 2018, in two unique duplicates in Amharic, Tigrinya, Arabic and English dialects; if there should arise an occurrence of inconsistency in understanding, the English form will win.

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