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Jawar Mohamed with Esknedr Nega

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Article 39 (1) of the Federal Constitution can possibly make enduring clash, doubt, and contempt among ethnic gatherings today. Vestal (1999:165) noticed that question and scorn among ethnic gatherings develop out of the EPRDF's hypothesis of administration. The 'EPRDF government' has tried to oversee by playing upon hostilities between Ethiopia's diverse ethnic gatherings (Vestal 1999:184). Referring to the contentions between the Dizi and Suri ethnic gatherings, the Oakland Institute's field look into (2014:16) demonstrates that the Ethiopian government is controlling existing pressures between and among gatherings. The Human Rights Council (2015a:7) in its public statement expresses that in each ethnic clash, the shrouded hands of administrative authorities have been seen as attempting to get political and financial points of interest. It was not just the focal approach of ethnic federalism that exacerbated pressures and clashes, however, decentralized ethnic-based organizations were likewise planting seeds of ethnic mindfulness and opposition. As it were, ethnic legislative issues can separate the general public, and ethnic gatherings are probably going to create doubt against each other. In such manner, Turton (2006:14) contends that the government 'remapping' of Ethiopia along ethnic lines, by forcing a fixed ethno-regional network on the populace with a long history of versatility and inward relocation, has prompted an expansion as opposed to the diminishing of between ethnic clash.

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