Prime ministry Ethiopia Abiy Ahmed give press conference about his new party


Despite the way that Ethiopia has made due for countless years anyway not with such weak power, it will pay little heed to Abiy's rudderless affiliation and outwardly weakened trust in mankind. 


Dr. Abiy has transformed into nothing without the ability to keep up the standard of law. He has changed Ethiopia into an insubordinate country by failing to seek after a known show of power. Rule of law is first in any overall population for the confirmation of life, opportunity, and property. 


He understands that ethnic federalism is unworkable in the 21st century, for the most part in the wake of progressing carnage and expulsion of an enormous number of people basically dependent on ethnicity. Such structures floundered in the old Soviet Union, in Yugoslavia and various spots without a strong boss within. Incredibly, he is gutless or still acknowledges guiltlessly insensibility and insight of mankind to complete the ethnic structure, managing a law-put together system subordinate with respect to guidelines applied in the rest of the world. 


Dr. Abiy talks inconceivable, makes congruity with Eritrea, in Sudan and everywhere, yet not in Sidama, not in Tigre, not in Gonder, not in Wollega. Paramilitary forces or ethnocentric social affairs trample the standard of law without any outcomes constantly. 


In Wollega, numerous banks were burglarized and there is no confirmation anyone was caught. Right, when the principle bank was burglarized, one can fathom nonattendance of status or the sudden segments of the attack, yet when more than twelve banks get scoured more than once, you would expect the lawmaking body would put police or security to fend off more bank burglary. 


When Asamnew needed to execute or create a steamed, there was no knowledge to stop him before grasped his surprising passing. Exactly when the packs in Sidama expend spots of love, burglarize shops, murder genuine people, there was no one to stop them regardless of how they were undermining and sifting through from the beginning.

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