A peacefull rally to be held on different parts of Ethiopia


Following the assault by TPLF on the Northern Command seven days prior, PM Abiy Ahmed approached the National Defense Force to spare the country. 


In accordance with the mission it was given, the National Defense Force has been controlling better places via completing ground and air tasks. Numerous radical furnished assailants have hence been surrendering themselves capitulating to the hostile measures being taken by National Defense Force. 


Among the assailants compelled to participate in the battle, most are somewhere in the range of 17 and 18 years of age. They uncovered that huge numbers of the individuals from the exceptional power and volunteer army battling are constrained by TPLF to participate in the war. 


As indicated by them, a large portion of the heads of TPLF who had sent their youngsters to another country to get training is strongly tossing the lives of the offspring of the majority into the hellfire of fighting.

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