The biography of Ethiopian actress and singer Zebiba Girma


The handouts are vivid and the advertising effort is not normal for any that Ethiopia has ever observed previously. The lanes of Addis Abeba are currently home to flyers, publications, and bulletins, catching the eye of occupants. The message is basic – "When you hear us; you will see us!"

Ethiopians are going to see the development of five hopeful young ladies into a pop band, alike to the Spice Girls – an English pop young lady gathering shaped, in 1994, on the reason of 'Young lady Power'.

Te'ref Kasahun is one of these five young ladies, despite the fact that she is increasingly perceived by the name of her character, Melat, marked as 'the ruined whelp'. She is an artist, just as an on-screen character on a radio show arrangement, which propelled on April 24, 2013. Pulling in a tremendous group, brimming with Addis Abeba's illuminating presences, including Deputy Prime Minister Demeke Mekonnen, the occasion occurred at the National Theater and was as bright and chic as it could get.

It was a piece of a crusade intended to advance Yegna, actually interpreted as "Our own", which has turned into the most recent prevailing fashion in the Ethiopian media outlet. It commenced with the arrival of a music video by the five young ladies, named Abet, two weeks back.

A top of the line creation, the video turned into a moment hit, much enjoyed by youngsters and ladies, with 7,000 individuals seeing it on youtube, inside hours of its discharge. It likewise nearly wound up viral via web-based networking media stages.

Teref and different young ladies played out the music live at the National Theater, during the dispatch function. The live exhibition was additionally opened to the general population at the Theater, two days after it was propelled on the radio.

It was a similar setting that Teref initially joined Yegna, after a progression of four tryouts held two years back, and where she has labored for a long time, as an on-screen character. She moved to Addis Abeba from Jimma, subsequent to finishing tenth Grade in the western town where she was brought up.

She left Jimma eight years prior, with dreams of turning into a performer.

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