Recent Things Seen In Ethiopia


A sales rep is inertly playing a game—Candy Crush Saga—on his Samsung cell phone. His telephone rings like clockwork and he would be compelled to quit playing the game. Potential clients are the ones who ordinarily call him during the day and that specific call was from a client who needed to know whether there was a Toyota Vitz available to be purchased. In the wake of noting the call, he returns to playing the game on his telephone. 


Inside the workplace of the vehicle vendor is a youthful secretary situated at her PC. She was—beyond question—having an exhausting day. In any event, she seems as though she is having one. The way that the sales rep and the secretary are having a grim day can be seen from the general climate. Notwithstanding that, not a solitary client came that morning, as per the sales rep. 


"It has never been this way," Bereket Hailu, the sales rep, says including that the challenge nowadays is firm, alluding to the number of vehicle vendors that are presently springing up everywhere throughout the capital city. "In the course of the most recent few months, the request has been falling and the quantity of clients is declining." 


They sell utilized vehicles that are, all things considered, imported from Dubai. Also, they are one of the numerous vehicle businesses in Addis Ababa who are attempting to draw clients in a previously soaked market. 


The youthful sales rep says that he is befuddled over what the explanation could be. "In some cases purchasers leave, saying that our costs are higher than what they had gotten notification from others and the media," he said. 


Another vendor, Tsega Car Dealer, which is situated off Ethio-China Street neighboring Future Talent Academy, has an alternate vibe. There are moderately a bigger number of vehicles and furthermore classical autos including a six-chamber 1970 Ford Galaxie 500 and a 1976 Mercedes-Benz W123.

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