Ashenda, Ashende, Shadey and Sollel celebration



Ashenda additionally called Ashendeye, Shadey, Solel is a social celebration celebrating in northern Ethiopia among predominantly in Amhara and Tigray areas. 


It is regularly celebrated between 22–29 August consistently. Its length fluctuates from three days to one month relying upon the district (shorter in urban territories, longer in rustic zones). 


The occasion is primarily celebrated in the Tigray and Amhara areas. In this celebration, little youngsters wear Habesha kemis singing melodies as they accumulated in dozen while utilizing a customary instruments, primarily kebero. The length of the celebration that typically happens between August – September, fluctuates from three days to one month relying upon where in the locale it is; shorter in urban regions, longer in rustic territories. 


As indicated by a neighborhood distribution, the ladies and young ladies assemble in a focal spot where they isolate themselves into littler gatherings before going house to house to sing, move and engage the individuals of their locale.

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