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Gondar is a city and separate woreda in Ethiopia. Situated in the Semien Gondar Zone of the Amhara Region, Gondar is north of Tana Lake on the Lesser Angereb River and southwest of the Simien Mountains. It has a scope and longitude of 12°36′N 37°28′E with a height of 2133 meters above ocean level. It is encompassed by the Gondar Zuria woreda. Gondar filled in as a solid Christian kingdom for a long time.

Gondar recently filled in as the capital of both the Ethiopian Empire and the ensuing Begemder Province. The city holds the remaining parts of a few imperial mansions, incorporating those in Fasil Ghebbi (the Royal Enclosure), for which Gondar has been known as the "Camelot of Africa"

Until the sixteenth century, the Solomonic Emperors of Ethiopia, for the most part, had no fixed capital town, yet rather lived in tents in transitory imperial camps as they moved around their domains while their family, protector, and entourage ate up surplus yields and chop down close by trees for kindling. One exemption to this standard was Debre Berhan, established by Zara Yaqob in 1456; Tegulet in Shewa was likewise basically the capital during the principal century of Solomonic guideline. Gondar was established by Emperor Fasilides around the year 1635 and developed as a farming and market town. There was a superstition at the time that the capital's name should start with the letter 'Gʷa' (present-day elocution 'Gʷe'; Gonder was initially spelled Gʷandar), which additionally added to Gorgora's (established as Gʷargʷara) development in the hundreds of years after 1600. Custom likewise expresses that a bison drove the Emperor Fasilides to a pool close to the Angereb, where an "old and revered loner" told the Emperor he would find his capital there. Fasilides had the pool filled in and constructed his manor on that equivalent site The ruler likewise fabricated a sum of seven houses of worship; the initial two, Fit Mikael and Fit Abbo, were worked to end neighborhood epidemics.[clarification needed] The five sovereigns who tailed him additionally assembled their royal residences in the town.