Abel Birhanu News September 12,2020


Head administrator Abiy Ahmed alongside the First Lady Zinash Tayachew has visited adolescents with handicaps at Deborah Foundation. The Prime Minister commended the exercises being completed in the establishment in accordance with improving existences of the adolescent with inabilities. 


"Extraordinary work that Deborah Foundation are doing in improving the lives of Ethiopian youth with mental incapacities", complimented the Premier. Head administrator Abiy communicated have a great time visiting the adolescent who are getting treatment in the establishment and stretched out New Year all the best to them. 


PM Abiy Ahmed and First Lady Zinash Tayachew have had a lunch with older folks, people with incapacities and destitute kids in the midst of the festival of the Ethiopian New Year. Set up in 2019, the Deborah Foundation is a non-benefit association devoted to improving the lives of Ethiopian youth with mental incapacities through help in the zones of instruction, wellbeing, and strategy support. 


The Premier has shared Meal for in excess of 500 weak fragment of the network upon the New Ethiopian New Year. Seniors, destitute youngsters and individuals living with inabilities are among the hindered bunch individuals who have been welcomed New Year lunch by Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed and the First Lady Zinash Tayachew.

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