Interview with Aba Gebre Meskel


Financial Times today detailed that experts in the Brazilian territory of Maranhão changed to Ethiopia after they saw two cargoes of respirators bought from China seized during refueling stops in Europe and the US. 


"There are advertise powers and government pressures at a play, and rivalry is wild to get clinical hardware," said Flávio Dino, the legislative head of Maranhão, adding they have chosen to bring gear through Addis Ababa. 


Girum Abebe, chief for Latin America at Ethiopian Airlines, said the carriers are wherever in both great and terrible occasions to serve the world with the capable flying vehicle. The Brazilian government, a solid partner of the present US organization, has said it was likewise considering utilizing Addis Ababa as a travel center point. 


Vale, the Brazilian mining organization, has just been directing gifts of clinical gear purchased in China through the Ethiopian capital, the Financial Times announced. The upkeep unit of the Airlines is additionally assuming a basic job in supporting the aircraft as it faces difficulties presented by the pandemic, it is shown. 


Ethiopian Airlines today declared that it has shipped testing units and other clinical hardware gave by Ma Huateng of Tencent Foundation, supporting Ethiopia's push to check the present pandemic.

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