The Unexpected Thing Dr. Abiy Did


The media and Egyptian experts are attempting to impact with an uneven view and hoodwink the worldwide network. The reason for the publicity and untruths that are occurring globally by the Egyptian legislators and experts is to misdirect the universal network and nations about the GERD for getting one-sided support and to pressurize Ethiopia to consent to an arrangement that just fulfills Egypt's enthusiasm to the detriment of more than 100 million individuals of Ethiopia. What's more Egypt is attempting to utilize the GERD issue to shadow and redirect political and strategic endeavors from the CFA (Cooperative Framework Agreement) that demands a sensible and impartial portion of the Nile water among the bowl states. 


Notwithstanding its trick, Egypt has been and is supporting political adversaries, strict radicals and ethnic radicals to destabilize upstream nations all together not to have tranquility in their nations to build up their country, which unavoidably thinks about utilizing of their water. 


It must be evident that the number of inhabitants in the bowl nations is expanding and the interest for water gracefully, water system, and force age will enhance. Whatever falsehoods and misleadings are actualized, nobody can stop the individuals and the nations that start the Nile water from utilizing the water from their terrace. It must be certain that these nations won't proceed under destitution and see their kin starve while Egypt is getting a charge out of flourishing. 


We Ethiopians need to carry the realities to the light and attempt to stop Egyptian experts, researchers, columnists, and government officials from misdirecting the universal network.

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