Politicians About The Announcement Of Ministry Of Innovation And Technology



Ethiopia is facing in relation to the quality and penetration of Internet service and technology, explore different technical options to improve the local internet infrastructure and to make better use of the regional and global internet infrastructure, explore the potential and future obstacles, threats regarding Internet technology expansion in the country and discuss potential solutions and recommendations. Internet penetration in Ethiopia is currently 18. The gaps in Ethiopia exist in large pockets of no network zones in rural areas and 4G is only available in the capital.


Ethiopia in this new post-monopoly era. «With less than 20% of the population connected, Ethiopia has a tremendous opportunity to expand Internet access and to use it to improve the lives of its people. » Ethiopian laws.


The chapter says «The Internet Society Ethiopia Chapter is ready to work with all the stakeholders to ensure an open, secure, trustworthy and affordable internet for everyone in Ethiopia and we welcome individuals from technical and non-technical backgrounds to join our membership and work towards supporting our objectives». There are a variety of ways that one can participate as an individual member of the chapter through sharing expertise, capacity building, and working in teams on a community-level project. The chapter also welcomes organizations and partners to contribute to its works and activities by supporting local initiatives that aim to bring the Internet advancing the lives of Ethiopians.

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