UN's council decision about Ethiopia


We are exceptionally viable individuals. We don't play or just come to show and talk about hypotheses. No. Henceforth, our specialists went to Jigjiga, went through days, and prepared many individuals with the strategies like a military activity. 


You have the powers that are checking the robots. We have the other people who are on the back and you have the coordinations individuals who are conveying the pesticides and they proceed to and fro to fill the blower activities. So it was not in principle; rather was a coordinated reasonable activity. 


Also, I imagine that we had many individuals prepared with this strategy and our thought is that these individuals would have the option to prepare others. Which implies it was a preparation of mentors. I didn't think a lot about Ethiopia before I showed up here in 2017 


Obviously, I set myself up, however I never went here or never knew Ethiopians. We do have a major Ethiopian people group in Israel. In any case, I knew not many individuals and I wasn't actually close.

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