Andualem Arage Interesting Speech About The current condition


With all these narrative inciting talks in style from these couple of hostile to Ethiopia, TPLF agents, we come to understand that the TPLF groups are resolved for other rounds of many years of mishandling Ethiopians and Ethiopia until they stand apart unchallenged amazing minority, not to capitulate to any power that is rising in Ethiopia. With that in mind, TPLF is beguiling Ethiopians through the highly sensitive situation giving a TPLF military takeover of political power, that Ethiopians are bound to be administered by TPLF forever.

Yet, that is a figment, a distinction from the real world and a TPLF epileptic personality. Ethiopia will before long be free from these uncouth individuals who happened to be in political power by the assistance of the outside world, political money related and military, not realizing what they truly are. The thing Herman Cohen said about them is very enough, he was their partner, their capacity deliverer and ruler creator, yet not any longer. Mix-ups are human, and they are reasonable, yet purposeful and deliberate damage to a nation and to the entire populace for so long is indefensible and extraordinary.

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