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Champion silkworm producer in Mirab Abaya Woreda who had gained fast ground, and she discloses to her story with satisfaction: "I have consistently been pulled in to silkworm raising for a long time, however creation volume, just as quality, stayed low. The task helped me improve my insight and aptitudes in the business. In the previous two years, I have extended my silkworm cultivating business and with it, my wages and related advantages have expanded quickly. In 2018, I reaped multiple times and earned ETB17,000 (US$600) from the offer of crude covers. Presently, every one of my desires and goals is being figured out." 


Abenezer Silkworm producers' venture is one of the 120 youth endeavors the undertaking has set up until this point. They work in Chano Millie town of Gamo Zone. As a gathering, they predict a cheerful future around here. They gained abilities and skill in raising silkworms. Aside from making alluring earnings from the creation and offer of crude cases, they are occupied with a little side business, such as developing vegetables (tomato, pepper, onion) to supplement their salary just as utilize accessible work and land available to them. 


This confident inclination is shared broadly by numerous other such undertaking recipients. The glad beguiling appearances of the young at the locales are the principal sign of the positive commitments of the venture in the occupations. These days, silkworm cultivating is being gotten by non-recipient ranchers and after some time sericulture will turn into the motor of financial and social change in the towns. They can send their youngsters to class, assemble better houses, and extend their business.

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