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It takes steady work and dedication to graduate at the most elevated purpose of your optional school class whether you end up in the best 10 among 90 classmates or the best 35 among 350. 


Today we salute the few understudies who accomplished that position in St. Paul and other east metro schools. 


This yearly assignment invites schools to send us a summary of their "Top Graduates," at any rate they describe them. A couple of schools dole out the standard valedictorian and salutatorian, others portray a Top 10, and some see a not unimportant summary of understudies who have achieved qualifications status. 


Our 2019 game plan shows understudies went to schools the country over — from Bowdoin College in Brunswick, Maine, to the University of California Berkeley. As school majors, STEM (science, advancement, planning, math) is strong. Someplace in the scope of 80 understudies included will contemplate a bioscience field; another 80 of each a structured discipline; three dozen in programming building. 


Various graduated classes are joining the U.S. military or spending an entire year in the organization. Several understudies will continue with their guidance abroad. 


At schools regarding 10 or less, we demand that understudies pick an explanation that moves them.

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