Abel Birhanu News Apr 5, 2020


Indications are emerging that Ethiopia is heading for a full lockdown. To be more accurate, the Federal Government seems poised to bring the measures it adopted against the novel coronavirus to the level of the governments of the Federal Units. The indications can be gathered from some of the announcements of government institutions. On 31 March, the Ethiopian Islamic Affairs Supreme Council informed the public that all mosques will be closed and all teaching and learning, as well as prayer activities, will be suspended for the duration that #COVID19Ethiopia lasts.


While the Federal Government has been adopting measures with respect to COVID-19 in a piecemeal fashion since 16 March, there has been little clarity around the legal basis on which the measures are founded. Similarly, questions abound on the legal status of the measures themselves.

This is particularly the case if indeed the similar to those adopted in Rwanda, South Africa, UK or Uganda. As an established principle of constitutional law and application.

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