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Meron Getnet is an Ethiopian entertainer. An adored film and TV star in Ethiopia, she is best referred to for her job as Meaza Ashenafi in the widely praised film Difret.

Beginning in 2013, Meron Getnet featured in the Ethiopian Drama TV arrangement Dana in which she played a columnist named Helina.

Meron Getnet made her introduction onto the universal film scene in the widely praised film Difret in 2014. In the film, she plays Meaza Ashenafi, a female legal advisor who overwhelmingly battles male-centric custom.

In September 2014, at the debut of the film Difret in Addis Ababa, the screening of the film was suddenly dropped because of a court request against the appearing of the film in Ethiopia. This left those in the group of spectators paralyzed with Meron Getnet, who was in participation, unmistakably troubled about the episode.

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