Information on the situation of Amharas in Wollega


The truth on the ground on the circumstances of Amharas in Wollega. Out of the antiques I have, just 35% have been bought while the leftover was gathered from the Harari people group for the most part by gift. We are just showing 20 % of the relics gathered due to a deficiency of showrooms. 


We store the excess 80 % in stockrooms and we make them open upon demand by specialists. I currently possess now in excess of 1300 compositions written in Arabic, Harari, and Afan Oromo and in excess of 2000 strict and verifiable books. 


I additionally have an assortment of social garments of various ethnic gatherings, an assortment of decorations, old coins, postal stamps, photos, so, I currently possess relics from 17 classifications. AS: Did you show your assortments in places other than this gallery?

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