Politicians Response To Dr. Abiy


At the point when PM Abiy Ahmed came to control in 2018, the political changes and activities he guaranteed were met with much expectation and good faith. He vowed to address Ethiopia's disintegrating ethnic relations, to manufacture national solidarity, and reignite the slowed down law based procedure. 


Also, his endeavors to end the 20-year strife with Eritrea won him the 2019 Nobel Peace Prize. In spite of this honor, Abiy's Ethiopia keeps on seeing repeating episodes of savagery inside its outskirts. Accordingly, the tide of excitement for the head's changes is melting away. The changes, from the guarantee to discharge political detainees, to the opening of the media space, presently appear to be ancient remnants of the past. 


Abiy's organization has neglected to enough address the political wrangling inside the national government and repeating ethnic clash. These two variables are putting the nation on the way to obliteration. The government has neglected to stand up for itself as the top position. This has made space for territorial entertainers to savagely contradict the state.

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