The debate between Bekele Gerba and journalist Eskinder


Holding a comparative view, Bahru (2002:60) noticed that it was to be Menelik's principle guarantee to verifiable differentiation that he directed the acknowledgment of a thought that had first been ignited in the searing personality of Tewodros.

The Ethiopia of today, not the old Abyssinia, was conceived because of inner power battles between Menelik II and powers contending to control extra regions during the nineteenth century. During the time spent regional extension, local rulers who gave up themselves to Menelik II were permitted to administer their regions by paying a specific measure of Geber (tribute or assessment) to the leader of Shoa (focal government). Southern rulers who calmly submitted to Menelik II, for example, the leaders of Jimma, Wollega, Bale, Benshangul and Assosa, were permitted to control their regions by paying a fixed measure of tribute (Bahru 2002:87)

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