press release issued by the Chairperson of the EZMA


Productive investments of resistance groups and canny people in Ethiopia's parliament would have been contributed a sort of check and parity job alluding to administrative, legal executive and official obligations and press the EPRDF government to address botches in an auspicious way. An effective consideration of partners in significant degrees of parliament, administration and the economy may have pulled in dissident developments to participate in political pluralism and defuse difficult assaults and intermediary threats.

In this way, wide consideration in Ethiopia's parliament can bring open commitment up in races giving shared obligation and enough certainty to political pioneers subsequently maintaining a strategic distance from the risk of irate viciousness and decimation. All such positive courses and straightforward practices are general points of view for a political culture of tranquil change of the state power, trust and full national strength just as consistent advancement in different circles of financial and social improvements.