The children who lost their family speak for the first time


Mohammed was conceived in the city of Taif (85 kilometers southeast of the Holy City of Mecca), Saudi Arabia in 1978. He before long moved back to his family's old neighborhood of Agarfa, Bale Zone, in the Oromia Regional State of Ethiopia at 5 years old where he spent his youth considering the Holy Quran. 


His family at that point moved to the capital Addis Abeba where he accordingly joined Al-Ansar Primary School. At age 15 he joined the Islamic Institute in Djibouti to complete his auxiliary instruction. He was offered a full-ride grant to the University of Qatar upon his graduation. 


He utilized this chance to contemplate and investigate his energy for Media. He completed his B.A. in Mass Communication and went to work for Dr. Jassim Sultan, a conspicuous Qatari creator yet left in no time to join the workplaces of Al-Jazeera Arabic. 


In his ability as a columnist, he gave an account of the 2005 Ethiopian General Elections, the 2011 Ethio-Muslims fights, and the 2012 US Election that saw the re-appointment of Barack Obama for a second term. In his ability as a manager that spent significant time in the Horn of Africa issues, he altered and chipped away at reports that included touchy issues of the district.

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