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Getachew Assefa was conceived in 1944 in Mekelle from Amharay father and Tigryan mother. He experiences childhood in kebele 08 around edge Beary. Mekelians used to fear Getchew's dad Shaleka Assefa. Shaleka Assefa was a hardhearted man known for capturing and tormenting honest regular folks in Mekelle. In 1968 many Tigryans were encompassed and captured by shaleka Assefa and his troops. Those guiltless Tigryans were slaughtered consumed to death alive and covered under a scaffold in Wello around Dessie.

This Amharay Shaleka despises Tigryans and he names his children Amhara names. His children are named Getachew, Derje, Belete, Deneke (he later changed to Daniel, etc. At the point when numerous Tigryan youthful understudies were challenging the Amhara system, Deqi Shaleka were keeping an eye on the Mekelian youth developments. Getachew has joined TPLF for one reason. He was a government operative sent to wreck the battle of Tigryans. First and foremost, he joined EPRP and was a functioning individual from EPRP when he was an understudy at Wengate in 1969. Later he drops his participation of EPRP and joined TPLF for the more noteworthy mission.

As a covert agent, the majority of the bombed activity of TPLF in a front line was because of his damage. Eg in Megulat around Adigrat numerous Tigrayns were caught and murdered by Derg fighters since he gave the data ahead of the activity and when TPLF touched base at Mugulat they were prepared to shot and execute. Anyway it the guiltless Baga who was accused of it. Other than he has blood in his grasp and capable to the passing of conspicuous Tigrayan contenders in Tigray, for example, Hawaz and Atsbeha Dagnew.

Indeed, even after TPLF vanquished Amhara and held onto control in Addis this shrewdness Amharay didn't stop his deeds. He was the person who murdered splendid TPLFits, for example, Hayelom and Kinfe. As we as a whole know Kinfe was his supervisor and security boss.

After the passing of Kinfe he was selected as boss security and he was the person who was dealing with Melse . But at this point, it is trusted it is Getachew the malicious who harmed and executed Melse. Therefore the present capture and torment of guiltless Tigryan business visionaries is the continuation of his malicious motivation towards Tigryans.

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