Frash Adash part 10 by Tesfahun kebede


During the event, the Bureau of the Assembly communicated its profound gratefulness for the positive and productive methodology showed by the three gatherings in finding a tranquil, arranged settlement on every single remarkable issue, and further accentuated the significance of a success win result, in the soul of solidarity and collaboration. 


In such manner, the Bureau of the Assembly chose to loan reestablished driving force to the Tripartite Negotiations and encouraged the three gatherings to quickly progress in the direction of finding a commonly adequate and agreeable arrangement on the extraordinary specialized and legitimate issues in the dealings procedure. 


The Bureau invited the responsibility of the three Parties to an AU-drove process. 


As needs are, the Bureau of the Assembly consented to expand the Tripartite Committee managing the GERD issue comprising of Egypt, Ethiopia and Sudan with the investment of eyewitnesses, in particular, South Africa in its ability as Chairperson of the AU, Members of the Bureau of the AU, and specialists from the Commission, with the end goal of tending to exceptional specialized and legitimate issues. 


The enlarged Committee will introduce its report to the Chairperson of the AU, President Ramaphosa inside seven days from the issuance of this Communiqué.

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