Ethiopian singer Zebiba Girma singing her friend wedding


It's a cold and wet evening in Addis Ababa and the young ladies from Yegna (articulated yen-ya) – Ethiopia's sole produced pop band – straggle in late for their meeting. Shaking off the downpour from their umbrellas and garments they welcome each other heartily with grins, kisses, and embraces, enthusiastically talking and laughing among themselves.

It's not the way that I'm on TV. It's the reason

Out of the particular outfits they sport on the monster announcements embellishing the city, it's hard to perceive Mimi, Melat, Lemlem, Sara and Emuye the anecdotal companions from altogether different foundations that make up Yegna, the lives, and exhibitions of whom are followed in a week after week radio show arrangement.

Zebiba Girma acts in one of the most prominent Ethiopian parody arrangement, "Min litazez." She was additionally part of the melodic group "Yegna"

Her melody Gerager is the most recent new Ethiopian Music in 2019. It was transferred on YouTube on August 8, 2019.

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