Thank You Dr. Abiy Ahmed


The evil expectations of the thriving party (PP) against the Tigrai individuals are changed into circumstances. TPLF is really changing. As of now, TPLF is remaking the war crushed foundations of Tigrai in the previous 17 years in addition to 20 years of wars in Tigrai. 


Despite the fact that the arrangement of the unthankful PP was to debilitate TPLF, however by and by, TPLF is expanding its substantial weight and quality in its 45th birthday celebration. PP's restriction and difficulty never debilitated TPLF, yet stimulated and lionized the TPLF as at no other time. 


The Prosperity party (PP) submitted a deadly error by estranging the TPLF and the Tigrai individuals. At whatever point Tigrai is offended by some unpracticed and force thirty people, therefore Tigrai gets more grounded and more grounded as at no other time. 


At present, TPLF and Tigrai individuals have recharged their guarantees and their unbreakable regular bonds. Present and past Tigraian history show that Tigraians get more grounded and more grounded even despite resistance and misfortune. 


TPLF and Tigrai individuals have gotten indistinguishable. With the full help of the individuals of Tigrai, Tigrai pioneers and TPLF are expanding their substantial load in the forty-fifth (45th) birthday of the Second Weyane-Tigrai transformation. It can't be an embellishment on the off chance that I state TPLF is practically turning into the alpha and omega ideological group in East Africa. 


TPLF is turning into the most grounded ideological group in East Africa with the help of just about a hundred percent of the individuals. It appears the sun will never set for the TPLF. TPLF's political range of prominence is expanding now and again. The assurance, responsibility and the soul of the boldness of the individuals of Tigrai are unfathomably at its most noteworthy pinnacle wherever on the planet.

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