We called to The hospital where Ephrata Girma was hospitalized, Their response


We called to The clinic where Ephrata Girma was hospitalized, Their reaction. Psyche was set up by the Joint Council of Political Parties, Destiny Ethiopia, and Yehaseb Maed after conversations that took months. 


At a public interview held today, Joint Council of Political Parties Chairperson Musa Adem said the t activity expects to examine different issues, including political, financial, and social issues, that can assist with making a public agreement. 


The brain is perceived by the Ministry of Peace, he stated, including that the notice of understanding marked with the service to give the essential regulatory, political, and security backing will be important for the cycle to understand the activity. 


Fate Ethiopia Coordinator, Negusu Aklilu, on his part said delegates from all networks will participate in the activity to guarantee comprehensiveness in the discourse cycle. The activity will unite all multi-partners, including ideological groups, metro social orders, specialists just as different segments of society from every provincial state, he expressed.

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