Memher Mehreteab Asefa - Ethiopian Orthodox


Three individuals kicked the bucket and 17 others injured in the midst of conflicts between security powers and individuals from the Ethiopian Orthodox Church over the possession issue of a plot of land in Addis Ababa. 


The conflicts happened at a spot called 22 Mazoria at 12 PM on Tuesday around 12:30 PM when individuals from the government Liyu (exceptional) police endeavored to obliterate a little church based on a contested plot of land which the Orthodox Church guaranteed possession. 


In a press preparation on Wednesday, Takele Uma, the Deputy Mayor of the Addis Ababa city organization said the activity of the police power to attempt to wreck the congregation at 12 PM is inadmissible and was managed without the information his organization and that of the Church. 


As indicated by the civic chairman, the land was held illicitly and seven individuals, including government authorities, were captured on doubt of impelling the conflicts. Be that as it may, Takele didn't make reference to the administration authorities by name. 


The representative city hall leader promised to carry all the culprits to equity and give the essential help to the groups of the people in question. 


It is obscure how an activity of this extent and against such a holy spot, paying little heed to the legitimate issue, can abandon the information on the administration. As is turning out to be normal nowadays, chose authorities are arguing numbness for the most fundamental things they should know and without any results up until this point. Based on the remarks flooding on the web media, numerous Ethiopians are addressing if a portion of their pioneers has any cognizance or feeling of tolerability whatsoever.

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