Important message about the current political condition


Meles has utilized the Stalinist authoritative structure and centralism just as the security device to cleanse the protester gathering and contain resistance. Tigrayans in the Diaspora who were generally at the difference with their Ethiopian countrymen in giving visually impaired help to the TPLF Regime are arriving at consistent choices for the inversion of the extraordinary estimates taken by Meles against the protesters. This is a reasonable sign that Ethiopians at home and especially Tigrayans would have done in like manner, on the off chance that they were as free from dread as their countrymen abroad.

The nonconformist gathering is raising the trademark of People's Democracy which it never executed. So far as that is concerned, this type of majority rules system has never worked anyplace else. Both the measure taken by Meles and the trademark of the unfortunate casualties has their source in the Marxist-Leninist League of Tigray, or in the now ancient belief system of the Party of Labor of Albania. Debasement and nepotism could have been managed effectively and exclusively except if these practices were advanced by Meles himself. The power structure inside the TPLF has just been balanced out since the mid-1980s. It was self-destructive to contradict Stalin or Colonel Mengistu after they had combined their supreme power. A similar circumstance applies on account of Meles and the protesters know this from their coordinated effort.

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