Ethiopian wedding, which was highlighted by popular artist Jossy



Days are gone to accuse lots of Ethiopian Literature with respect to not being presented to the rest of the world. Once, the coordinators and distributers of CAALLALLOU drove by Elizabeth Weldegiorgis and Dagmawi Woubshent likewise continually mourns the nearby writing that is not yet noticeable for the non-Amharic global crowd. 


Against this background, they take part in interpreting and composing an editorial on neighborhood books into English and French. Curiously, The HOHE Awards additionally purchased a comparable reason for Callaloo diary and started an online class called 'HOHE Chapter'. 


Clearly, from the classification itself, one can bode well as the proposed occasion is tied in with perusing. Decisively, parts of a book imply segments of a book in which a peruser will confront it when somebody jumps the principal pages of any book. 


On Sept 6, 2020, HOHE Chapter held a fruitful discussion by means of online class displaying Maaza Mengiste through the balance of Hallelujah Lulie (the outgone chief, Institute of Strategic Affairs). In the midst of the meeting, shockingly, Maaza uncovered in the meeting that the late Ethiopian Author Dagachew Worku's epic named as "the thirteenth sun" was her first experience with Ethiopian writing for which she was motivated in her artistic commitment.

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