VOA Interview with Lemma Megersa


Lemma Megersa 's communicated remain on Medemer and merger of alliance party is seen by many, including a significant number of master Ethiopian ethnic Oromo, as a demonstration to selling out Abiy Ahmed's administration exertion to take Ethiopia in the way to compromise. 


Tenable sources announced that Lemma Megersa, Defense Minister and delegate seat of Oromo Democratic Party (ODP), went to the open asserting that he doesn't put stock in "Medemer" – a kind of political philosophy that was presented as the Orbit for the change development and measure in Ethiopia after the decision alliance chose Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed as administrator of the gathering and PM of the nation in April 2019. 


It was in a meeting with VOA Oromo language administration, which was disclosed somewhat on Friday, that Lemma Megersa said he doesn't accept either in the merger of the alliance part parties nor in Medemer itself.

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