Ethiopian Artist Fitsum Asfaw's great day


The celebrated Ethiopian craftsman and maker and host of Qin Liboch Television show Fitsum Asfaw. Qin Leboch is an unscripted television show, made by the eminent Film author and chief and maker of Yemaleda kokeboch acting rivalry TV show Fitsum Asfaw, and officially created by Tsega Fikru. 


The Ladima Foundation has introduced the 2020 version of the Adiaha Award for Best Documentary from an African Woman on Sunday, August 30th at the Encounters International Documentary Film Festival. The jury chose Tamara Mariam's Dawit individual political story, Finding Sally. 


The jury, spoken to by Theresa Hill of STEPS stated, "the hearers and I altogether appreciated watching the movies chose in this class and were consistent in our choice of the best 3 movies. In the third spot is Beyond My Steps by Kama Lara, second spot Mother to Mother by Sara de Gouveia and the champ is Finding Sally by Tamara Mariam Dawit. 


This film is a contacting investigation of individual and aggregate history. The producer addresses ideas of family, character, having a place, individual conviction, optimism, and political commitment. The individual and political Ethiopian film see Tamara Dawit draw together the bits of the secretive existence of her auntie Sally forty years after her vanishing. She returns to the Ethiopian Revolution, which brought about almost every Ethiopian family losing a friend or family member.

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