funny video about the current political issue


There is a platitude, don't burrow the gap scoop as nobody realizes who will be the one to be in first. TPLF individuals burrow gaps scoop and they are sure Ethiopians are the first and the last to be in it.

Bereket Semion: The most empowering agent of TPLF and disabler of Ethiopians as of late stated, the pomp the Amhara and Oromos needed to make comprehension and solidarity is against what is set up as a standard. In his view, the standard is that Ethiopia is divided and separated locales of hating, language enclave social orders where they all battle each other to exist in their very own enclaves. This is a coursebook manual of causing creatures to participate in battling one another while you take things from their region since they just center around their battle not on their properties and that is the thing that Bereket Semon is telling Ethiopians. He trusts TPLF individuals are keen enough to make that standard which is favorable for TPLF however awful for Ethiopians. Past Ethiopia, he contends, is not anymore here, TPLF made a circumstance that exists now and that is the thing that the standard in his reasoning and what Ethiopians ought to acknowledge and live.

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