Interview with Kidest Gashaw


We likewise demand the movement history of the travelers and severe follow up is being led on travelers originating from China," Berhanu said. As per him, thermoscan machines are introduced at all the terminals including the VIP cantina. Berhanu said mindfulness on the idea of the pathogen and how it is transmitted is given to the staff of the air terminal and the aircraft including that facemask and hand gloves are appropriated to front work area staff. 


Eskinder Alemu, CEO of Ethiopian Airports, said that the airplane coming back from China is stopped at an inaccessible cover where travelers are screened and went with to the terminal to experience the thermoscan. After all travelers and teams are landed the airplane will move to the upkeep place where it experiences a sterilization procedure. Covers and other inflight materials are disposed of and consumed. Prepared faculty shower synthetic compounds suggested by the WHO. 


"We are carefully following up on the security rules suggested by the WHO. We can't face the challenge of spreading the infection zero except if all methods for transport to China is shut. So far the WHO didn't prescribe carriers to end flights to China. In any case, by holding fast to the core values of the WHO we can limit the hazard," Eskinder said. 


"It isn't legitimate to request Ethiopian to suspend flights to China as different aircrafts are as yet traveling to China and these carriers additionally fly to Addis Ababa. In the event that Ethiopian suspends trip to China, it doesn't imply that travelers from China won't be coming to Ethiopia. Since they can fly by means of Dubai or Frankfurt to Addis Ababa."

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